Saturday, September 25, 2004

Let me introduce myself & my robot

I'm Jay Beavers. I'm owned by my robot, Cylon. Cylon has been working on me for the past year or so.

Before my life was enslaved by Cylon, I played around with smaller, less costly, less possessive robots. I started down this dark path with Lego Mindstorms -- I purchased one of the first Mindstorms kits from a FAO Schwarz store in Seattle the first day they were out. From there, I fell into harder stuff. I moved to a CMU Palm Pilot Robotic Kit from Acroname. Then up to the Brainstem (again from Acroname). At that point it became a compulsive habit. A little dabble with the Handyboard, Cricket, and OOPic here and there. But I was still in control. I could stop any time I wanted. I just didn't want to. Then, hard times. Yes, I happened on the Via Mini-ITX x86 motherboards and Windows XP Embedded. And now my robot Cylon owns me.

I'm Jay Beavers and I'm a roboholic.