Monday, September 27, 2004

Robo-Magellan Waypoints at the Seattle Center

On the SRS mailing list, the topic came up of what the GPS lat/long co-ordinates of the contest were. I saved my co-ordinates so I could come back and re-run the race later, so here they are:

The three midpoints are each in an area that has a clear, straight-line shot from the previous waypoint. Each midpoint is also out in the open, it was my intention to use dead-reckoning between each waypoint and then pause and recalibrate my position estimate using GPS at the waypoint before continuing on to the next.

The path from Mid 3 to End is very cluttered due to the layout of the course. Mid 3 was about as close as I could get to the end point without having to deal with tight path constraints due to obstacles. Navigating from Mid 3 to End could theoretically be done via dead reckoning, but serious obstacle avoidance would be needed in all but the most lucky of runs.

Start 47.620593, -118.315947
Mid 1 47.620706, -118.315652
Mid 2 47.620701, -118.315385
Mid 3 47.620664, -118.315090
End 47.620537, -118.314920